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Bed Bugs Exterminator – Things You Should Never Do!

Bedbugs are a very common problem in foreign countries, but now they are becoming just as common in the United States. These parasites feed on blood meals from humans and animals. They will live inside of your home undetected for several weeks, until you wake up with small bite marks on your arms, legs, or neck. There are many things that people do to put them self at risk of an infestation. While, most people are unaware of these little critters, others have learned about them the hard way. Below, you will discover more information about bed bugs exterminator in Philadelphia.


Never Go Dumpster Diving


Thousands of people enjoy dumpster diving on a daily basis. As the old saying goes “someone’s junk is someone’s treasure”. This is especially true for those that live below the poverty level. Did you know that many college dorms are contaminated with bedbugs? The main reason for this is because many students will harbor loads of unwanted clothing and other items over an entire semester. They will also accept handy-me-downs from friends, family members, and even strangers. These items are potentially infested with bedbugs, unbeknownst to the student.


Second-Hand Shops


Wow! Can you ever find some nice trinkets and treasures at the second-hand shop? Many people enjoy shopping at these establishments, because they are filled with items that are impossible to find or outdated. One of the most common items purchased from these shops is attire and bed linen. If you do decide to purchase these items, you should investigate them carefully, before exiting the store. Be sure to check the seams and hems for bedbugs, because they like to hide in these areas.


Used furniture is also a problem, especially those covered with fabric upholstery. Mattresses and box springs should never be purchased from a second-hand shop. Bedding is exposed to all different types of things, including bacteria, body fluids, hair, and dead skin. Bedbugs also prefer to hide in mattress seams between feedings, so they will have easy access to their host.


Yard Sales


Children love yard sales, just as much as their parents and grandparents. If you like to frequent yard sales, you should steer clear of stuffed animals. Of course, these are going to be the items that your child will want to purchase, but you will need to stay firm on your decision. Bedbugs and other parasites like to hide in stuffed animals and travel from one place to another, with children. If you do decide to purchase the toy, you should keep it in a sealed plastic bag until you get home. Toss it in the washer and dryer to give it a thorough cleaning. Be sure to preset the temperature on the maximum level, so the hot water will eradicate the insects hiding in the depths of the fur. bed bugs exterminator in Philadelphia.

You should also repeat the same process with any used clothing or bed linen you purchased. If it is extremely warm outside, you can place the sealed bag in the direct sunlight for about 30 minutes. This will give the temperature inside the bag enough time to reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit and eradicate the bedbugs.

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