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What You Need To Know About Our Mice, Rat Removal Services In Philadelphia

 As a Philadelphia resident, we don’t have to tell you that living in the city is truly unique. It provides a lot of opportunities and experiences that you won’t get anywhere else in the world. However, one downside to living in the area is that you might have to deal with rats or mice. These critters are not only destructive, but they carry diseases and leave droppings everywhere. That being said we are uniquely equipped to handle the situation and here is everything you need to know about what we can offer you.


Written Guarantees And Warranties

 Not only are we effective with our treatment methods, but also we are willing to guarantee you that we will eliminate the threat. And, we are willing to put that in writing for you. Any time you invest in one of our treatment options we will give you a one-year warranty. In the event that the critter shows back up or you feel like we didn’t completely eliminate the problem just give us a call and we will came back to rectify the situation.


Properly Licensed And Certified 

You would really be surprised to learn the number of exterminators in the Philadelphia area that aren’t licensed or certified. Sure, they might be able to do a good job for an extremely low price, but what if something goes wrong? They don’t have a license or certification to worry about losing. It is possible that they might run off with your money leaving you holding an even larger bill for something that went wrong in the home. We do not believe in these types of practices and that is why we ensure that all of our techs are licensed and certified.


What Else We Have To Offer 

We truly have so much to offer our customers that it would be hard to list them all, but here are a few more of our qualifications.


  • Offering service around the clock every day of the week
  • Providing free quotes
  • We can help you prevent future infestations
  • Our vans and trucks are always stocked
  • We offer more humane removal procedures
  • Extremely affordable
  • Locally based company


Contact Us Now! 

Rats are destructive and the longer you give them freedom in your home, the more damage they are going to do. Sure, you can try to eliminate the problem on your own, but if you want guaranteed results you should give us a call immediately.


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