A Professional Bed Bug Exterminator In Philadelphia Guide To Bedbugs

A Professional Bed Bug Exterminator In Philadelphia Guide To Bedbugs

Hello and welcome! Living in Philadelphia is undeniably good on most days. The city experiences beautiful weather and it is widely known that the residents within the city are incredibly friendly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to transform a good day into an absolute nightmare. And, nothing can create a more devastating nightmare than the horrendous bedbug. As a professional bed bug exterminator in Philadelphia, we’ve come to know these pests personally and we sympathize with everyone, who becomes their victim. We would like to provide you with more insight into the bed bugs plaguing Philadelphia, so you can prepare for their potential arrival.


How They Behave

It is a good idea to learn about the behaviors of bedbugs, before moving any further. These creatures are truly unlike anything else in the world. Although they fall in line with roaches, they’re substantially different. First and foremost, bedbugs can travel over great distances and they’ve very sneaky. They can travel via luggage, clothing, and even furniture. When a home becomes infested with bedbugs, the tenant will transport the bugs wherever they go. So, it is essential to be cautious about who you let into your home.

Secondly, you should know that bedbugs are parasitic. Their primary source of nutrition is blood. When your home becomes infested, you’ll become their full course meal. When the lights go out and you hit the bed, the critters will come out and feed on your blood. As bad as this may seem, there is an upside. By speaking with the top bed bugs exterminator in Philadelphia, you will find out that bedbugs aren’t dangerous. They do not carry or transmit disease.


A Dire Situation

If you take the time to speak with several bed bugs exterminators within Philadelphia, you will quickly realize that a bedbug infestation is truly a dire situation. These pests are incredibly hardy and immensely annoying. They won’t leave your home on their own. With roaches, it is often possible to eradicate the bugs, by taking away their food source. With bedbugs, they’ll need to be killed through one bed bug treatment offered in Philadelphia or another. And, the problem can worsen very rapidly.

Bedbugs are very similar to roaches, when it comes to their reproductive behavior. They’re consistent breeders and will create spawn very rapidly. A single bedbug can quickly turn into a terrible infestation. So, you should ignore the bed bug exterminator Philadelphia cost and hire a professional right away. This is the only way to solve the problem with satisfactory results.


Bedbugs’ Favorite Hiding Places


Bedbugs are a small parasite, so they can hide most anywhere. While, they prefer living in proximity of their host, they will often stray a little further away, if the area is overcrowded. The mattress and box springs are the most popular hiding places, because these areas offer quick access to a blood meal. When you discover bug bites on your body and you think the suspect is a bedbug, you should do a thorough investigation of your bedding.


Other hiding places include:


  • Baseboards
  • Picture frames
  • Electrical outlets
  • Loose wallpaper
  • Paneling
  • Closets with lots of attire
  • Furniture with fabric upholstery
  • Any crack or crevice in walls, hardwood floors, and furniture


The locations will basically depend on the extent of the infestation. If the infestation is classified as severe, you may find bed bugs hiding in all of these areas. These parasites reproduce every 14 days, with 250-500 eggs per each female. This fact proves that an infestation will spread extremely quickly.



Treatment Plans


Our company offers bed bug exterminator services in Philadelphia and the cost is very affordable. Our bedbug treatment packages consist of a treatment plan that will guarantee effectiveness. We work diligently to investigate each case separately and never just assume anything. Each treatment plan is individualized to ensure a more effective response and outcome.


How We’re Different

By taking the time to scan through the phone book, you will be able to find an abundance of exterminators within the city. Nonetheless, we truly believe we have distinguished ourselves as the best bed bug exterminator in the city of Philadelphia. We’ve worked heard over the years and have perfected our service to ensure everyone is able to achieve the satisfaction that they demand and deserve. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of our benefits and the reasons for working with our company.

  • Our company is completely staffed by trustworthy, extremely qualified individuals. We put all potential employees through extensive background checks and drug screens. They’re also trained thoroughly, before they’re allowed to step inside of the client’s home. Rest assured knowing they’re qualified and won’t rob you blind!
  • We’re licensed and insured. Problems may occur, since they’re sometimes unavoidable. However, the client should not be responsible for the costs of rectification. Our insurance will put your mind at ease and ensure you don’t have to pay for any damages to your home or injuries our technician suffers, while working in your home.
  • After extensive research and trial and error, our company has found the best bed bug treatment of all. Our innovative and unique heating system is safe, reliable, and incredibly cost effective. While working with us, you’ll save money, remain safe, and keep your family out of harm’s way.
  • We will always do our best to maintain your privacy. A bug infestation can be embarrassing and you won’t want your neighbors to know about it. We understand wholeheartedly. With our assistance, your problem will remain a secret.
  • Same-day appointments are also available for emergency-type situations. Our team works around the clock to ensure everyone that their problem will be eliminated in a timely and efficient manner.


Contact Us Immediately!

Our team is ready and willing to rectify your problem. We sincerely hope you will give us the opportunity to meet and exceed your expectations. By making contact with our local offices, you can schedule an appointment. Our technician will arrive at your home promptly, survey the problem, and provide you with a cost estimation. If you’re happy with the figure, the treatment can be carried out as quickly as humanely possible!


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