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The residents of Philadelphia are blessed to reside within such a fine community. Philadelphia is warm, welcoming, and the locals are undeniably friendly. Those that are fortunate enough to own a home within the area are truly lucky. Unfortunately, homeowners face multiple problems and may be required to deal with potentially devastating problems from time to time. If you run into a pest problem, you’ll need to solve the problem as quickly as possible. As the best bed bug exterminator in Philadelphia, we understand your dilemma better than anyone else.

Our experience with bed bugs in Philadelphia, we’ll be able to provide you with the results you desire. Before learning about our treatment options, we would like to provide you with insight into bedbugs and their problems.

An Introduction To Us

Since you’ve made it this far, you are likely interested in learning more about our company. We have been serving the local residents of Philadelphia for many years and many of these individuals now feel like a part of our family. We offer the most reliable bed bug treatment Philadelphia can offer and we will do everything within our power to provide you with the results you desire. With an extensive amount of experience and an unparalleled admiration for our clients, we will provide you with a better experience than any other exterminator in the area.

Although we might not offer the lowest bed bug exterminator Philadelphia cost, our dedication and commitment to our clients makes our services will worth it.

Treatment Options

Bedbugs aren’t the easiest pets to eliminate. We know this personally. Within the past five or ten years, bedbugs have become a formidable enemy, due to their evolution. Their shells have gotten much harder and this has made them more and more difficult to exterminate. We’ve experimented with a vast number of treatment options, including chemical sprays. After our tests, we’ve concluded that heat is the best bet for everyone involved. Heat is safe to humans, as well as their furry friends. And, our tests conclude that heat is the most reliable solution of all.

We encourage all bedbug victims to opt for heat solutions, because they’re safer, more reliable, and more convenient for you!

Trustworthy Technicians

There have been recent news stories regarding the behavior of some exterminators. Some of these groups are not trustworthy and should be avoided at all costs. Some companies do not take any precautions whatsoever when hiring their workers. We are different. We want to give the client the best experience possible, so all of our technicians are forced to undergo background checks and drug tests, before they’re allowed to join our team. This helps us provide you with the best service, while also guaranteeing you can maintain your reassurance.

Things That A You Should Never Do

Bedbug cases are growing at an enormous pace throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Unfortunately, not all countries are onboard with a solid treatment and prevention plan. This leaves travelers that visit foreign countries at risk of picking up a few bedbugs. There are several things that you should never do, if you do not want to put yourself and family at risk. Millions of families are living on a fixed budget, making it very difficult to afford new furniture, clothing, shoes, and bedding. These families will often go dumpster diving for these used items.

You should never transport any used mattress or box springs back to your home. These items harbor parasites and bacteria that will spread throughout your home and cause minor illnesses. If you do decide to purchase furniture from a secondhand store, you should check it carefully, before exiting the store. Also, when traveling abroad, you should do a thorough investigation of the room, before moving in. If you have any questions about bed bugs exterminator and live in Philadelphia, you should contact one of our representatives.

Hot Water Remedy

Once you contact one of the many bed bug exterminators in Philadelphia, you should put a cleaning plan into effect. The plan should include washing and drying of all bed linen, attire, and stuffed animals. If you are starting in your bedroom, you should place all of the items in a plastic bag and seal it, before transporting into the laundry room. Preset the washer and dryer on the maximum temperature setting. The temperature of the water and heat must be 120 degrees Fahrenheit to effectively eradicate bedbugs.

Be sure to allow the washer to complete a full cycle, before removing the items and placing them in the dryer. If your infestation is only a minor case, you may get by with just steam cleaning the carpet. If the infestation is extremely severe, you may need to have the carpet replaced. You may inquire this information from one of our skilled technicians at the time of the in-home inspection.

Why You Should Hire Us To Eradicate Your Bedbug Infestation?

  • Drug testing is part of our pre-employment process. We require all of our potential employees to undergo an extensive drug test and background check. We do this to protect our clients from theft and scams.
  • Employee training is a necessity, which is why we put every new employee through this process. We strive to teach our employees the proper way to educate clients on the prevention process, proper way to handle insecticides, clean heat machines, and prevent infestations.
  • Our heat solutions are truly the best in the business. We can eliminate the bugs in your home without putting you or your family at risk.
  • Our company is licensed and insured. This combination helps to provide you with the reassurance that we’re qualified for the job and that you won’t experience any problems.
  • Your request is our command. We will do things on your schedule and will abide by any special requests you may have!

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