Spiders are regularly found in our area, so you won’t be able to avoid them forever. You cannot ignore these pests because some of them are incredibly dangerous. Most people have heard about the risks associated with brown recluse spiders. All spiders are arthropods with eight legs and either six or eight eyes. Over the years, spiders have identified at least 40,000 unique spider species. One unique thing about spiders is that these pests build webs. They release silk from their abdomens and use the silk to build webs. Once they’ve done this, their webs will trap insects and other spiders. Some of the biggest spider species in the world will kill lizards and birds.

Thankfully, you’re not going to see those spiders in our area. Most spiders reside alone, but some reside in communal webs. When they do, they can live alongside 50,000 other spiders. On average, spiders in the wild live up to two years. When they reside in protected environments, they commonly live up to 25 years or longer. While adult females are larger, they have smaller mouthparts. Male spiders tend to enter residential structures more frequently.

How Dangerous Are Spiders?

Spiders could indeed be dangerous, but not all of them are. Spiders tend to bite when defending themselves. If they feel threatened by someone, they will not hesitate to bite. The good news is that most spider bites will be harmless. Still, there is a slim chance that the bite is going to lead to serious issues such as systemic toxicity, necrotic wounds, and death. Spiders can and will inject venom into their victims, so the risks are high.

Reasons For Spider Infestations

There is no one reason for spiders to enter your residence. Spiders can enter homes for several reasons, including while searching for female mates. They might be looking for insects to eat too.

Dealing With Spiders & Hiring An Exterminator

Ultimately, it isn’t going to be easy to deal with spiders. Most people are afraid to do so because they’re worried about being bit. When administering the chemical spray, there is a risk that you’re going to be attacked. Therefore, you need to proceed with extreme caution. We think it is best to let a professional fix the infestation for you. Properly seal your exterior walls to prevent them from entering. You’ll also need to remove debris around your property. Either way, we think it is best to hire an exterminator.

The Safest Spider Treatments

We aim to provide our clients with the safest spider treatments. Our top priority is to ensure that everyone involved is going to be protected during each phase of the treatment. We try to fix the problem using mechanical and natural tools. However, this isn’t always possible. Unfortunately, we may need to administer conventional products in your home. Don’t worry though. Our technicians are trained thoroughly and have years of experience. They can address and rectify the problem while protecting everyone. Since we use EPA-registered products, you won’t need to worry about your safety.

When Can A Technician Arrive?

Get ready to call our office! We’re always waiting for locals to call us. After your initial call, our friendly representative will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Preventing More Spider Problems In The Future

It is often best to prevent spiders from entering your home in the first place. It won’t be easy, and you can’t eliminate the risk. You can’t be positive that spiders will remain outside. However, you can reduce the risk that you’re going to have to deal with spiders. Start by cleaning your yard and getting rid of potential nesting spots. Destroy any spider nests you find. Once you’ve done that, call our office and get more advice for keeping them out.

Irrational Fears Over Brown Recluse Spiders

Unfortunately, many people have irrational fears about brown recluse spiders. It is easy to see why since these spiders are incredibly dangerous. The good news is that these spiders are less common than most people think. The facts provided below will make you feel better.

  • The brown recluse species of spiders are not common in our area.
  • Brown recluse spiders can hide in shipping containers and boxes. They arrive in our area by hiding in these items.
  • They’re hardy so they can survive in many areas including our city.
  • It is not common to find these spiders living outside in our area.
  • They’ve been found in homes with kids and pets, yet they haven’t bitten anyone.
  • Since these spiders are timid, they want to stay away from people and pets.
  • Brown recluse spiders do not move from one residence to another.
  • They look like funnel weaver spiders and grass spiders. Call us so we can help you determine what you’re dealing with.
  • It is fine to be afraid of spiders, but don’t let an irrational fear ruin your life.

We Offer The Best Spider Control Services In The Philadelphia Area

Spiders are one of the worst pests that you’ll ever be forced to deal with. Not only are they hairy and scary, but also many of them in the area can be extremely deadly. Just one little bite and you might be facing at a truly horrible situation. Not only this, but also these critters can strike at any minute. This is why it is always best to let the professionals handle any spider removal and we are without a doubt one of the best options in Philadelphia. Below, you’re going to learn more about the perks of choosing us as your exterminator!

No Risks Involved

One thing to note is that spiders are incredibly dangerous. If you get bitten, you might have to worry about getting poisoned. With that being said, you should not assume these risks. Our company is here to help you out. We’ll take on the risks and we’ll make sure that you’re protected to the fullest. You’ll be happy to know that we know how to remedy the problem in the safest way possible.

Following Up

 The truth of the matter is that some pests are not easy to eliminate. We understand this wholeheartedly. Our company is more than happy to provide our customers with follow-up visits. After we’ve carried out the treatment, we’ll come back and make sure that the bugs are completely gone. In the rare case that the bugs have returned, we’ll go ahead and get rid of them again. This time, we’ll take extra steps to ensure that they will not return!

Other Qualities We Possess

 We can educate our customers and identify all types of spiders, but that is just two of our top qualities. There are tons of other things that we have to offer the local residents.

  • We are happy to return to your house for checkups
  • We’ll remove the risks from the equation and get rid of the spiders for you
  • We can deal with all types of spiders safely
  • We’ll make sure that the spiders are gone for good and never return
  • Our company is licensed and insured to protect you to the fullest
  • We can provide you with quotes and references

We’re Ready For You

Spiders are truly scary and dangerous. They should never be taken lightly because just one bite could be fatal. Our team not only offers safe removal options, but we offer affordable solutions to every resident in the Philadelphia area. Get in touch with us right away to get the process started.

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