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Eco-Friendly Treatments

Eco-Friendly Treatments

If you have made your way to this page, you are likely in need of an eco-friendly pest management solution today. More and more people are growing aware of these strategies, and no one in the industry is ever going to consider that a bad thing. While chemical pesticides have proven to be an effective means of pest control, they may have potentially caused immense damage to the environment over the years. Therefore, the need for new alternatives has grown to an all-time high.

These solutions aren’t just dangerous to the environment, but they are potentially hazardous to everyone involved. Our pest control experts, the pets in your home, the neighbors, and anyone who may have encountered these chemicals are at risk. Most chemicals have a 24-to-48-hour residual effect, making them even more lethal. All in all, the need for eco-friendly solutions is real, and this is something our firm takes seriously. This is exactly why we have chosen to pad our arsenals with a variety of new innovative and safer treatments.

Safer For Everyone Involved

One of the biggest selling points of the new treatments we are offering is, they are safer for all parties. They are not only safer for our pest control experts, but they are safer for you, your pets, and your children. They are also safer for the environment.

This pretty much means there are no lingering aftereffects. Residents can safely move back into the property immediately after each treatment is administered. They can do this without the fear of being exposed to harmful lingering chemical vapors.

What We Offer

Our eco-friendly solutions have been described by experts as being “eco-friendly.” It doesn’t matter which treatment you decide to go with, it will be a much safer alternative to chemical pesticides. However, some of these eco-friendly solutions might be more effective in specific situations. It honestly comes down to the layout of your property and the type of infestation.

With this in mind, we offer several eco-friendly solutions to the residents of Philly. The first one is cryonite treatment. This specific treatment utilizes CO2 to freeze and kill insects on contact. It is administered as a vapor, giving it the ability to penetrate behind walls as well as deep into cracks and crevices. Unfortunately, traditional treatments are incapable of reaching these hard-to-reach areas.

Thermal heat is one of our most recommended bed bug treatments. Our professional thermal heat treatment utilizes temperatures up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. In some cases, we may need to increase the temperature to access bed bugs in hard-to-reach areas.

The last of our selection is the steam treatment. It is nothing more than a mixture of water and steam. The treatment uses a commercial machine to turn water into a high-pressure/high-heat steam that eliminates a colony of bed bugs within 15 minutes.

Learn more about our cutting-edge eco-friendly pest control treatments by contacting our Philadelphia pest control team. Be sure to inquire about our free eco-friendly service consultation. We will consult with you and other occupants of the home, regarding our eco-friendly bed bug strategies.

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