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Conventional TreatmentOnce you have just discovered your home is infested with bed bugs. You must be aware there is a long pest control journey ahead. There will be many decisions that need to be made along the way. And each decision will play a different, but pivotal role in the overall outcome of your situation. One of the first decisions, you’ll have to make is regarding the type of treatment needed for your specific bed bug problem. Thanks to the advances and developments in the pest control industry, there is now a broad range of treatment options available, including organic and eco-friendly.

Organic and eco-friendly solutions have grown extremely popular over the years in part because of the safety they offer. These pest control strategies are not only safer for everyone involved, but they usually allow residents to move back into their homes immediately following each treatment.  While there are many advantages to these treatments, you’ll also notice every pest management professional still offers conventional treatments. One of the reasons for this is because conventional treatments are tried, tested, and proven.

This is one of the oldest treatment options available. It is still capable of effectively eliminating bed bugs. However, like all things in life, the pest control industry has changed over the years. Most insects, bed bugs especially, have evolved and adapted. It seems these pests have somewhat grown an immunity to certain chemicals and pesticides. This likely explains why a new study conducted at the University of Purdue has proven that it now takes two conventional treatments to successfully eradicate bed bugs. Not only this but there must be an appropriate time between each treatment, at least 10 to 14 days.

All in all, these developments have forced us to evolve as well. We have completely changed our standard conventional pest protocols to include a minimum of three visits. The first visit will be the assessment of the property. The second visit will include the administration of the treatment of your choosing, and the third will pretty much be a reapplication of that same treatment. In the most serve of cases, there might even need to be a fourth or fifth visit. This is something our professionals will likely be able to determine on the third visit.

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