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Mice, rats, and rodents are prominent in our area. If you believe you’re dealing with a rodent infestation, call our office so we can rectify the problem for you. We’ve been dealing with these hideous pests for many years, and we can get rid of them using several safe techniques. Before we can fix the problem, we need to find out which species you’re dealing with. In our area, two of the most common rodents are deer mice and house mice. The latter is a small rodent that has a pointed nose, protruding eyes, and little hair. When they lead droppings in your home, you’ll notice that they’re musty and black.

Deer mice have multiple colors. They have white feet, undersides, and bellies. As for their head and upper backs, they’re brown. Their tails are longer than what you’ll find with other rodents. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the most common signs of rodent infestations.

  • Rodent droppings will be found throughout the dwelling.
  • Rodents build small nests using twigs, grass, and materials found in the home.
  • Your food containers will have scratch and chew marks.
  • You can hear the rodents moving through your home in the middle of the night.

More About Rodent Droppings

It is essential to learn how to identify rodent droppings. Once these pests have invaded, you’re going to find rodent droppings throughout your home. Most droppings will be found near nesting, breeding, and feeding locations. They’re black and up to 6mm in length. They look like a grain of rice.

Why You Have Rodents

Rodents fit into the commensal category so they’re going to live in your home and eat your food. These pests depend on humans for their survival. They want to invade your residence so they can eat your food and drink your water. Ultimately, this is the primary reason they’re interested in invading your residence. Despite being bigger than other household pests, they can enter the building through the smallest hole. Even if it is only a quarter of an inch in diameter, a rodent will be able to squeeze through it.

Primary Dangers Associated With Rodents

Unfortunately, there are serious risks associated with mice, rats, and rodents. Once they’ve entered your dwelling, there is an immense risk that they’re going to contaminate your foods using their urine and feces. They’ll spread deadly diseases and severely damage your home. Some of the diseases they spread include Hantavirus, Lassa Fever, Plague, Rat-Bite Fever, and Hemorrhagic Fever. In addition to this, fleas carry ticks and fleas. Another thing to remember about rodents is that they need to constantly chew to keep their front teeth short. Since they can chew through electrical cables, there is a risk that the rodents in your home are going to cause an electrical fire. The primary dangers involved can be found below.

  • Rodents will contaminate your food using their urine and feces.
  • They’ll spread numerous illnesses to people. For instance, they can spread Hantavirus, swine dysentery, and more.
  • Rodents can damage your home and belongings.
  • A rodent infestation increases the risk that you’re going to deal with an electrical fire.

Eliminating Mice, Rats, And Rodents

Mice, rats, and rodents need to be dealt with as swiftly as possible. Unfortunately, most residents won’t be able to fix their problems on their own. Handling a mouse or rodent isn’t pleasant. Plus, you may use dangerous chemicals and expose yourself to serious dangers. Certain products can indeed eliminate rodents but using them won’t be easy. It is generally best to let a professional handle it for you. Doing so is a surefire way to fix the problem and keep your loved ones safe. When you’re ready to fix the problem, call our office. We’ll find a solution that works well for you.

When Can You Start?

Pick up the phone and call our local office right away. After you’ve called us, our technician will get in touch with you within 24 to 48 hours.

Our EPA-Registered Products Are Safe

We always work hard to ensure that the client is safe throughout the procedure. We’re not going to use dangerous chemicals in the client’s home. We would never do this. Instead, we try to fix the problem using natural tools and baits. When this doesn’t work, we’ll rectify the problem using EPA-registered products. Pick us because we’re going to go above and beyond to keep you safe.

Preventing Rodent Infestations

It is wise to take steps to prevent rodents from invading your home in the future. There is no guarantee that you’ll always keep them out. Nevertheless, you can make it harder for the rodents outside to enter your dwelling. We recommend using rodent-proofing products around your doorways. Doing so will stop invasions. You’ll also need to focus on sealing any small gaps and holes you find. Rodents can enter using the smallest holes and gaps. Therefore, they should be filled with caulk or sealant. Furthermore, you need to keep your grass mowed and your yard clean.

Keep your home clean and store your food in airtight containers. If you can keep them out, you won’t need to use our services. Use the advice below to keep these pests out.

  • Start by sealing all gaps and holes around your exterior walls.
  • Be sure to take your trash outside once or twice each day.
  • Store your food products in tough containers.
  • Clean up messes as quickly as possible.

What You Need To Know About Our Mice, Rat Removal Services In Philadelphia

 As a Philadelphia resident, we don’t have to tell you that living in the city is truly unique. It provides a lot of opportunities and experiences that you won’t get anywhere else in the world. However, one downside to living in the area is that you might have to deal with rats or mice. These critters are not only destructive, but they carry diseases and leave droppings everywhere. That being said we are uniquely equipped to handle the situation and here is everything you need to know about what we can offer you.

Written Guarantees And Warranties

 Not only are we effective with our treatment methods, but also we are willing to guarantee you that we will eliminate the threat. And, we are willing to put that in writing for you. Any time you invest in one of our treatment options we will give you a one-year warranty. In the event that the critter shows back up or you feel like we didn’t completely eliminate the problem just give us a call and we will came back to rectify the situation.

Properly Licensed And Certified 

You would really be surprised to learn the number of exterminators in the Philadelphia area that aren’t licensed or certified. Sure, they might be able to do a good job for an extremely low price, but what if something goes wrong? They don’t have a license or certification to worry about losing. It is possible that they might run off with your money leaving you holding an even larger bill for something that went wrong in the home. We do not believe in these types of practices and that is why we ensure that all of our techs are licensed and certified.

What Else We Have To Offer 

We truly have so much to offer our customers that it would be hard to list them all, but here are a few more of our qualifications.

  • Offering service around the clock every day of the week
  • Providing free quotes
  • We can help you prevent future infestations
  • Our vans and trucks are always stocked
  • We offer more humane removal procedures
  • Extremely affordable
  • Locally based company

Contact Us Now! 

Rats are destructive and the longer you give them freedom in your home, the more damage they are going to do. Sure, you can try to eliminate the problem on your own, but if you want guaranteed results you should give us a call immediately.

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