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Where To Stop When Visiting Philadelphia

Where To Stop When Visiting Philadelphia

Are you thinking about visiting the city of Philadelphia? Although the city doesn’t rank as one of the hottest tourist destinations in the US, it is still a good visit. The city is overflowing with history and will provide you with the opportunity to relive some of the most important decisions, which helped to shape the United States of America. Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell can both be found within the city. And, it doesn’t stop there. Below, you’ll discover some of the other amazing attractions in Philadelphia.


Carpenters’ Hall

If you’re traveling to Philadelphia to experience the city’s historical side, you’ll definitely want to visit the Carpenters’ Hall. This establishment can be found within the Old City neighbor. It was originally completed in 1775 and served as a meeting place for important governmental figures during the early history of America. Visiting the establishment is completely free! According to statistics, the Hall receives around 150,000 visitors annually. Surprisingly, the building still serves as a meeting place for a local union, as well as the Carpenters’ company.


Rocky Steps

Everyone has watched the Rocky movie at some point or another. And, it is safe to say there is one defining moment from the film and that is when Rocky ascends the stairs, during his training. Those stairs are actually located outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In total, there are 72 stone steps leading up to the entrance of the museum. Do yourself a favor and relive the historical rise of Rocky, by jogging up the stairs for yourself.


The Museum

While you’re visiting the Rocky steps, you might as well go ahead and enter the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This establishment was officially chartered in 1876 as a part of the Centennial Exposition. The main segment of the building was complete in the year 1928. Today, the establishment is home to an abundance of famous works of art. Whether you’re a fan of impressionism or abstract art, you’ll be able to find something to suit your fancy within the Museum of Art! Be sure to check it out.


Congress Hall

During the early days of the United States, Congress Hall served as the capital of the country. During this time, three states were admitted to the country. They include Vermont, Tennessee and Kentucky. Also, the Congress Hall was the country’s capital when the Bill of Rights was ratified. Suffice to say, it played an integral role in the development of the United States, so you’ll most certainly want to check it out during your visit.


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