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Reasons Everyone Needs To Visit Philadelphia, PA At Least Once

The City of Brotherly Love has come an extremely long way over the years, but it still holds strong to its roots. This is just one of the many things that make the city so exciting. It was founded in 1682 and played more than a pivotal role in the American revolution. It’s also known for being the largest city in the state as well as the fifth most populous city in the entire United States. These are no doubt all interesting things, but this is honestly just the start of what Philadelphia, PA has to offer. When you see everything, the great city brings to the table, you will more than understand why millions and millions flock here each year.

Boathouse Row

If you are looking for history, boats, and rowing, all in one, you’ll certainly want to pay a visit to the eastern banks of the Schuylkill River. There aren’t many places in the world that offer history, boating, and rowing, wrapped up in one neat little package, but that’s what you’ll get here. With 15 boathouses that serve as homes to boating and rowing clubs, there are plenty of memberships and parties to get affiliated with. Most members are longstanding locals, so you’ll no doubt learn some interesting things. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the Philadelphia Museum of Art is located just right to the west of here, so you can easily hit both up and kill an entire day.

Morris Arboretum

You don’t have to hold an interest in nature, humanities, or science to appreciate everything this location has to offer. Although, you’ll enjoy it much more if you are a fan of one of the three. The Morris Arboretum is a historic public garden that now serves mostly as an educational institution with the goal of teaching locals and tourists about the unique relationships between people, plants, and land. For this very purpose, there are several programs held here at the garden annually, all of which are designed to incorporate various aspects and theories of art, science, and humanities. It’s hard not to forget about all your problems in this scenic, garden of goodness.

The Liberty Bell

No trip to Philadelphia, PA would be complete without a visit to the Liberty Bell. Easily one of the most iconic landmarks and attractions the city has to offer but holds quite the history that is more than worth learning about in person. This iconic symbol of American independence was originally housed in the Pennsylvania State House but has since been relocated to what is known as the Liberty Bell Center located at the Independence National Historical Park. A visit here will help you learn all about how abolitionists used this model of American independence to advocate for women’s suffrage. It seems this iconic piece just keeps on making history.