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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Have you ever considered the dangers of a bed bug mattress infestation? It is likely, you never give much thought to bed bugs. Raleigh residents go through their lives, not giving much thought to bed bugs or any other insect species, for that matter. Do you classify as a “frequent traveler”? If so, you may want to give more thought to the pest that is making a resurgence in Raleigh and other US cities – New York City, San Francisco, Houston, San Diego, and Dallas. Living in a city with nearly 470,000 people puts you at risk of a bed bug encounter. Even if you never travel out of the city, you could encounter a bed bug without a moment’s notice. People who work in hotels, bed & breakfasts, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, homeless shelters, college dorms, and inns are at the highest risk. Still, it is difficult to ignore the risks of a frequent traveler. Like the flea and tick, the bed bug is a parasite that infiltrates homes with the help of humans or animals. Once you unknowingly invite a bed bug into your home, you become host to a blood-thirsty insect species.

Knowing Your Risks – A Great Place To Start

Did you know, every Raleigh resident is at risk of a bed bug encounter? What is a bed bug encounter? An encounter is a chance meeting with a person, animal, or insect, in this case, a bed bug. A bed bug encounter can occur at the drop of a hat or without a moment’s notice. Whatever the case may be, such a chance meeting could lead to a home infiltration and infestation of bed bugs.

What Is A Mattress Cover?

As the name entails, a mattress cover offers some level of protection for a mattress. The level of protection will depend on cover design, quality, fastener, and brand. If the mattress cover is designed from low-quality materials, the level of protection will drop significantly. The same thing goes for knockoffs and replicas of brand-name mattress covers. Therefore, it is crucial to only consider high-quality, name-brand mattress covers.

What Is A Mattress Topper?

Mattress covers offer partial protection. In most cases, the cover only offers protection for the top half of the mattress. Is this enough protection for your mattress? If so, then the mattress cover, it is. If not, skip the mattress cover and advance to a mattress encasement.

What Is A Mattress Encasement?

A mattress encasement engulfs the entire mattress from head to foot. This is a wonderful design that works wonders for people who have a bed bug phobia. As previously mentioned, mattresses are high-ticket items that will set you back at least $800 for a quality brand. So, why not offer as much protection as you believe the mattress to be worth. A mattress encasement covers the head, foot, center, and sides of the mattress. Basically, it covers every inch of the mattress from top to bottom.

Does The Fastener Matter?

Absolutely, the fastener matters. Why does the fastener matter? First, and foremost, the fastener is the component that closes the opening at the top, side, or bottom of the mattress encasement. For example, the full mattress encasement is designed to create a seal. The fastener plays an important role in creating the seal. Manufacturers utilize a variety of fasteners for their mattress encasement designs. With the mattress cover, the fastener does not matter so much. The reason, the mattress cover design does not offer full protection, eliminating the need for a complete seal. However, the fastener plays another role in the mattress cover design. The fastener helps secure the cover to the mattress. Most mattress cover designs utilize an elastic fastener to ensure the highest level of stability. The most common mattress encasement fastener is the zipper, which creates a full seal at the opening. Other fasteners include ties, Velcro, buttons, and metal snaps, all of which have unique benefits and cons.

Did The Mattress Cover Undergo Extensive Third-Party Testing?

Plenty of things look good on paper but fall apart when implemented. Bed bug toppers are not impervious to this theory, as many have previously failed and will likely fail again in the future. Therefore, you must choose a topper that has undergone extensive testing by third-party testing firms. The highest quality toppers will be put through extensive testing. What is the purpose of mattress cover testing? Third-party testing is conducted by a separate entity from the manufacturing company. The main reason why manufacturers utilize third-party testing firms is to rule out bias and ensure the highest level of accuracy. Testing is conducted to determine durability, effectiveness, integrity, and quality, all of which play a major role in longevity and functionality.

Does It Come With Toxins?

You’ll quickly discover that most toppers or encasements have a plastic, cotton, polyester, vinyl, or polymer design, with the latter being the better option. This is just the nature of the beast, and why you must be extremely careful when shopping. Plastics and polymers are durable materials, but they are oftentimes created with toxic and hazardous materials. Sometimes removing the threat is as simple as letting the product air out for a couple of days, but you’re all-around safer if you choose one that is more eco-friendly. An organic cotton design is a great option, but it does not offer waterproof protection.

Do These Products Actually Work?

Here comes the most vital question that is guaranteed to get varying answers. Some consumers will claim these products work exceptionally well, while others will claim they are a waste of money. This is likely due to the simple fact that there are so many things that can go wrong with them, especially during the installation. Just a slight tear or rip and the product will be useless. Therefore, it is best to opt for a pro when dealing with these products. They’ll not only help you choose the right products, but they’ll install them for you, ensuring an effective and proper installation. If you have any more unanswered questions about the mattress cover or mattress encasement, do not hesitate to reach out to our Raleigh pest control experts.

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