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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding

The bed bug is a troubling pest. A true nuisance. One of the reasons for this is when the pest invades homes, it does its best to stay out of sight while the host is active. Bed bugs only come out of hiding to feed while their hosts are sleeping. Experts believe these unwanted invaders are wise beyond their years. Sometimes a dark room and a sleeping human are enough to pull them out of hiding. Just remember, bed bugs feed on human blood as a means of sustenance, so expect to get bitten. However, even when these bugs try to hide, a trained eye can detect them. Heck, with the right tactics and techniques, you can lure these bugs out on your own. You won’t need a trained eye.

Can’t Find Bugs In The Home. Force Them Out Of Hiding!

Unfortunately, despite what you might have read or heard, tricking or forcing these bugs out into the open is not going to be easy as one might think. These pests go out of their way to avoid detection. Therefore, you’ll have to do some out-of-the-box thinking to lure them out. These tips can help you with the very conundrum:
  • Bed bugs prefer to remain hidden when they think you are active in the home. For most people, this is during the day. This means the bugs aren’t going to come out until it’s dark. You can replicate dark conditions to trick the bugs into the open. All you must do is make the room a bit darker than usual to trick the bugs into thinking it is nighttime.
  • Another important tidbit, bed bugs are attracted to heat. They are attracted to the body heat you expel when sleeping. This means you can also use heat to lure the bugs out. A steamer is a perfect tool for this process, as it is a device that releases hot steam, mimicking body heat. It might be just enough to get the bugs to come out of hiding.
  • Speaking of heat, a heating pad is an excellent, safe heating device that can be utilized to trick the bugs into the open. If you plug this device in, place it under your pillow, and let it emit heat, you might be able to trick the bugs out of their hiding spots.
  • In addition to being attracted to heat, these unwanted invaders are also attracted to CO2. This is just another of the many chemicals that are emitted by the human body when they sleep. There are devices that emit CO2. Some of these devices can be purchased over the counter and some are sold by your local exterminator. Either way, make sure you do your research and know all the options available to you. Choosing the best device for your specific situation could make all the difference in the world.

Utilizing The Professional Pest Management Firm

As you can see, there are a handful of effective tools and techniques that can bed utilized to draw bed bugs out into the open. It honestly just takes a little out-of-the-box thinking. However, one should never forget about the professional exterminator. Bed bugs are no doubt tricky and sly invaders; therefore, you’ll want to use multiple approaches to detect and eliminate them. Never stick with one method. Apply several different methods. All that being said, there is no better tool than a trained, qualified pest management professional. These professionals will have experience dealing with these specific situations. They will also likely have a whole selection of their own lures and traps they can employ to get these bugs out of hiding and into the open. Get in touch with a professional pest management firm in your area today and speak with them about lures and traps. Remember, you can also utilize a combination of these devices to make the process all that more effective. More is always better in the case of the bed bug.

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